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About us

Formed by Daisy and Matthew Lee in 2015, Leeway has its roots in the outdoor music and arts events of the 1990s and draws on the atmosphere of pioneering events of earlier decades. Leeway provides a comprehensive set of event production services and skills across the small to medium scale sector. We specialise in outdoor work with a strong creative element, be that a free community arts event in a local park, a parade, a firework show or a weekend long music festival.


With more than 20 years of experience each within the live events industry we felt it was time to bring together the strong team of individuals we have been working with over the last decade under one umbrella organisation.

What we do:


We have been taking part in street parades since the late 1990s. From initial conception through to the final item put in the van at the end of the day we can sort out anything you don't want to.

Event Management

We work with you to make sure you can get the event you want. We can apply for your licence, liase with the local authority and coordinate with local suppliers. We can also create comprehensive Event Management Plans along with Risk Assesments as required

Lighting Design

Well thought out lighting can make or break your event. We have worked in all types of venues from theatres, muddy fields, warehouses and country parks.

Event Staff

We have a very capable team that we can call on to help you with any element of your event. From Artist Liason to Lost Children, site electricians, compares and general crew.

The Leeway Team

Here are some of our core crew, the net spreads far and wide. We are very happy to work with many fabulous and skilled people. If you think you have something to offer and would like to join the team, get in touch.

Daisy Lee

Event, Production, Stage and Logistics Manager, Decor and Visual Arts Coordinator, Pyrotechnician, Fire-Worker

T: +44 (0) 7792 427735

E: daisy@leeway.org.uk

Matthew Lee

Lighting Designer, Technical Manager, Site Manager, Creative Director

T: +44 (0) 7834 910408

E: matt@leeway.org.ok

Dave Boardman

Stage Manager, Compere

E:  dave@leeway.org.uk 

Viv Andrews

Stage Manager, Compere, Celebrant

E: viv.vivla@gmail.com

W: www.heartfeltceremonies.co.uk

Wendy Blemings

Stage and Event Manager, Artist Liaison, Pyrotechnician, Imagineer, Legend

E: wendyhouseireland@gmail.com 

Hannelora Johansson

Blacksmith, Artist, Metalworker, Fire Gardener, Dragon Wrangler

E: hannelora@hannelorajohansson.com 


Kieran Doherty

Site Power; Site and Technical Mangemment, Telehandler driver


E: krdoherty@gmail.com

Cathy Boardman

Stage Manager, Performer, Hooper



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