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Parades and Community Events

Celebrations are the moments by which we measure our lives. Birthdays, weddings, religious and cultural festivals and new year celebrations can all give us the key moments that we come together with those we care about.


Bringing communities together to celebrate that which that have in common is something we hold dear to our hearts. When strangers meet in a creative social environment magic happens. New friendships are made and new ideas are realised. In a world that can often seem so divided, at the heart of what we do is the will to bring people together to share their stories and their lives.


We work closely with all those that have an interest in their event from those that are so often gate keepers to the child of the mother that has never been involved in such an event. They are all as important as each other and without them and their enthusiasm their would be no magic.


Parades are a piece of cultural history that has been lying dormant in the mainstream of British culture for many decades especially within our growing cities. We are very proud to work with events such as Manchester Pride, Handmade Parade and Blackburn Festival of Light to be able to help these great events grow and prosper and hopefully inspire others to get people out on the streets of their towns to celebrate.

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