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2019 Projects

So its been a very busy year, here's a quick diary of what we've been doing:


The team at Blackburn Festival of Light were so impressed with what we were able to achieve for their summer parade, they asked us to manage their winter event. We're no strangers to outside work in the depths of winter and we thought they did great things so we didn't hesitate to say yes. By all accounts this years event was a great success and we're really happy to be working with them.


EEA - Blink and November 5th.

EEA are one of the UK's leading fireworks and outdoor arts companies, providing spectacular displays across London. As pyrotechnic rigging is one of our core skills part of our team head on down to London to help rig some of their displays.


As soon as the last firework has landed Leeway are off on a month long tour with EEA for "Blink" from Dewsbury to Stoke then on to Peterborough and finally Sheerness.


October is the start of the Warehouse Project. We've been creating fantastic light shows with them since the first days at the old Boddingtons Brewery in 2006.


We're then back with EEA for rehearsals for another new show "Blink".


No sooner had we finished August, we jump straight back on with a brand new client. Blackburn Festival of Light were looking for a production company that  shared their values of creativity and community involvement and found us. We produced their first ever summer parade from licence application through to the last item packed back on the truck.


We then move on to one of our favourite long term collaborators Emergency Exit Arts. Their new extravaganza “Wishful” is a beautiful water based show with pyrotechnics. We provided staff to help with the highly skilful task of rigging the large amount of fireworks on boats and pontoon on the Thames for the show.


August is pretty well all about the bank holiday and for quite a number of years we've been involved in Manchester Pride on many aspects of the event.


This year with its move outside the village we designed and operated a bespoke lighting system for the new Depot space in the Mayfield complex as well as providing area management staff and working closely overseeing the lead section for the parade.


A busy month for our team as the summer gets going. We started off in Oxford with Associate Producer duties and provided site management during the event. We then moved on to Beatherder. Leeway has been an integral part to Beatherder festival, providing Main stage lighting in its first few years. We now produce the Stumblefunk stage supplying all artists, management and technical services for that space. Straight after Beatherder we headed across the border to Cheshire to get on with building the Orbit Stage for dbnAudile.


When a group of students decided to create a festival in Platt Fields Park many years ago, we lit the event for them. Since the early days of Madferret to the monster that is now Park Life we now light the Temple Stage for dbnAudile.


Hebden Bridges Handmade Parade have been creating some of the most creative and beautiful parade sculptures we've ever seen. This years parade took place in glorious sunshine and was a huge success. Winding through the streets of Hebden Bridge the parade has become a permanant feature of calendar 


So we start the month with our first festival of the season. Our Stumblefunk family weekender has been a continued success since its first inception in 2016. This year we took it to a beautiful site just into Shropshire. 


Leeway have been working with Bearded Theory since 2010 where we provided lighting for the Magical Sounds Tent. After a few years of this dbnAudile took over the contract for providing sound and lights for the main stage. We then started to work with them operating the lighting for this.


Back to the Albert Hall for dbnAudile for another varied selection of shows. 


Light Initiative are a relatively new client, Leeway provide crew for their TV work, the majority of which is installed at Media City Dock 10 Studios.


Since the first opening show Leeway has been lighting bands and shows at the Albert Hall for dbnAudile. It's one of our favourite venues in Manchester and by its popularity, many other residents of the city and beyond.


We were also contacted in this month to design and install a basic lighting package for the main hall space. Having provided lighting for previous events such as the Arts Festival we know the space well. Working with Charles-Town Electrical, we built up a simple yet expandable system that is perfect for the space. 


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