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2020 Projects

So 2020 started off like any other year...


So 2020 started out like any other normal year....

Shockout School of Dance @ RNCM

Working with the team at Shockout, we created 25 bespoke lighting designs for their performances. This was done offline by creating a 3d model of the RNCM and using previsualisation and timecode.

Light Initiative @ Dock 10

Back to our local TV studios over the river in Salford for a few more shows with the fantastic Light Initiative


Things are still normal but strange things are being heard from over seas

Teaching at BIMM

No gigs this month, just ongoing teaching at BIMM and some extra classes teaching Vectorworks. 




Snowbombing - Cancelled


Stumblefunk Weekender - Cancelled

Bearded Theory - Cancelled


Parklife - Cancelled

Hand Made Parade - Cancelled

Glastonbury - Cancelled


A little work starts coming back...

Cowley Road Carnival - Oxford

Our first steps into the new world of online event production. We provided the DJ for the first set of the festival and virtually stage managed part of the event as part of a wider team.

Light Initiative @ Dock 10

With TV work slowly coming back we were able to help by providing technical staff.


A little work starts coming back...

Also Festival

Also Festival was the largest legal music and arts event to happen in 2020. With a firm plan to keep allsafe during the brief gap in lockdowns. With a fantastic line up of guests and artists the event went ahead safely and lots of fun was had by all.

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